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“It is important for us to have continuity regarding the high quality of products and raw materials”

Tomis Plast was founded in 2013 as a company specialized in the production of PET containers.

The production activity takes place at the factory in Siminoc, Constanta County. The company has constantly made investments in new equipment and technologies and as efficient as possible to cope with the continuous expansion of sales. All these investments, which will continue in the coming years, have made our company one of the market leaders at the moment for solutions for PET containers.

Starting with 2018 we began the production of PET bottles – white (for the dairy industry) and transparent, in 2019 we started the production of small jars and bottles, different sizes… especially for the food industry (spices, seeds, granules, sweets, cream chocolate, mustard, etc.), as well as the production of specialized accessories – special caps, grinders, seals, our company currently owning a very wide portfolio of products in this segment (over 75 products available).

In the coming years we will further diversify the range of products, offering new and new packaging solutions in PET containers.


“We have become a major supplier of PET containers nationally and internationally”

Our products are expertised in Romania by the National Center for Product Testing and Expertise and by the National Research Institute

Development for Food Bioresources – IBA

They meet the quality requirements and are in full accordance with:

– Decision 1197 / 24.10.2002;

– EC Regulation 1935 / 27.10.2004;

– EU Regulation no. 10 / 14.01.2011 (on materials and objects that come into contact with food);

– EC Regulation 2023 / 27.12.2006 (on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food).